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Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
Ansichten von Frankfurt am Main und seiner Umgegend. Kirchner, Anton, 1779-1834 Book 1818 1
Ansichten von Niederrhein : von Brabant, Flandern, Holland, England und Frankreich im April, Mai und Junius 1790 / von Georg Forster Forster, Georg, 1754-1794 Book 1791 1
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Anskar : the apostle of the North. 801-865 / translated from the Vita Anskarii by Bishop Rimbert, his fellow missionary and successor ; by Charles H. Robinson Rimbert, Saint, Archbishop of Hamburg and Bremen, approximately 830-888 Book 2007 1
Anson's law of contract Beatson, Jack, 1948-Burrows, A. S. (Andrew S.)Cartwright, John, 1957- Book 2020 1
Anspielungen und Zitate im Werk Ludwig Wittgensteins / gesammelt und ermittelt von Hans Biesenbach Book 2014 1
Ansprache an die Freunde der inneren Mission / gehalten bei der ersten öffentlichen Versammlung des badischen Landesvereins für dieselbe zu Durlach am 10. October 1849 von C. Ullmann Ullmann, C Book 1849 1
Ansprachen / Christa Wolf Wolf, Christa Book 1988 1
Ansprachen und Reden gehalten bei der am 2. November 1891 zu ehren von Hermann von Helmhotz veranstalteten Feier : nebst einem Verzeichnisse der überreichten Diplome und Ernennungen, sowie der Adressen und Glückwunschreiben Book 1892 1
Ansprüche der Protestanten in Oestreich Book 1859 1
Anster fair : a poem in six cantos. With other poems / by William Tennant Tennant, William, 1784-1848 Book 1816 1
Anster fair / by William Tennant, LL.D. With memoir and notes Tennant, William, 1784-1848 Book 1871 1
An ansver vntho [sic] the complaint of R. Cant. that he is an athean, Ievv, vilain, traitour, in Rabbi Dauid farars [sic] disputations at Amsteldam. 1609. To the King Broughton, Hugh, 1549-1612 Book 1609 1
An ansvveare vnto certaine crabbed qvestions, pretending a reall presence of Christ in the Sacramente : latelie propounded by some secret papist, to the great troubling of the consciences of the simple, together with a discouerie of the Iesuiticall opinion of iustification, guilefully vttered by Sherwyne at the time of his execution / Gathered and set foorth by Peter Whyte, very necessary & profitable for this dangerous time White, Peter, Vicar of Eaton Socon Book 1582 1
An ansvver according to truth, that trembles not, nor quakes, nor quayleth : Given to thirty six queries, propounded by James Parnell (commonly called the Young Quaker) to an ancient countrey-minister. With some counter-quæries returned by the same minister unto the said young Quack and his fellowes Drayton, Thomas, -1658? Book 1655 1
The ansvver of Iohn Bastwick, Doctor of Phisicke, to the exceptions made against his Letany by a learned gentleman, which is annexed to the Letany it selfe, as articles superadditionall against the prelats. In the vvhich there is, a full, demonstration and proof of the reall absence of Christ in the sacrament of the Lords Supper, with the vanity and impiety of the consecration of temples churches and chapples, also the necessity of the perpetuall motion and circulation of worship if men be bound to bow the knees at the name of Iesus. This is to follow the Letany as a second part thereof Bastwick, John, 1593-1654 Book 1637 1
The ansvver of the Commissioners of the kingdome of Scotland : to both Houses of Parliament, upon the new propositions of peace, and the foure bills to be sent to his Majestie Book 1647 1
The ansvver of the new converts of France, to a pastoral letter from a Protestant minister. Done out of the French copy publish'd there with permission. Publish'd with allowance Book 1686 1
The ansvver of the Right Honourable the Earl of Danby to a late pamphlet entituled, An examination of The impartial state of the case of the Earl of Danby Leeds, Thomas Osborne, Duke of, 1631-1712 Book 1680 1
An ansvver of the Right Honourable the Earle of Nevv-Castle His Excellency, &c. To the six groundlesse aspersions cast upon him by the Lord Fairefax, in his late warrant (here inserted) bearing date Feb. 2. 1642 / by the Earle himselfe Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676 Book 1642 1
An ansvver or necessary animadversions, upon some late impostumate observations invective against his sacred Maiesty, bearing the face of the publick, but boldly pen'd and publish't by a privado Burney, Richard, 1613 or 1614-1692 Book 1642 1