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Hierozoicon sive bipertitum opus de animalibus Sacræ Scripturæ : Pars prior agit libris quatuor de animalibus in genere. Et de quadrupedibus viviparis et oviparis. Pars posterior agit libris sex de avibus, serpentibus, insectis, aquaticis, et fabulosis animalibus. Cum indice septuplici I. Locorum scripturæ. II. Auctorum qui citantur. III. Vocum Hebraici, Chaldaici, Syriaci, Samaritanici, & Æthiopici sermonis. IV. Vocum Arabicarum. V. Græcarum. VI. Romanarum, quæ passim explicantur. VII. Rerum / auctore Samuele Bocharto Bochart, Samuel, 1599-1667 Book 1663 1
Hierurgia Anglicana, or, Documents and extracts illustrative of the ritual of the Church of England after the Reformation / edited by members of the Ecclesiological late Cambridge Camden Society Book 1848 1
Higanbana. DVD; Video 2010 1
Higgaion & Selah. Prideaux, John, 1578-1650 Book 1637 1
Higgledy piggledy growth again : an investigation of the predictability of company earnings and dividends in the UK, 1951-1961 / A.C. Rayner, I.M.D. Little Rayner, Anthony C Book 19661971 1
The high Alps : a natural history of ice and snow / by A.E.H. Tutton Tutton, A. E. H. (Alfred Edwin Howard), 1864-1938 Book 1931 1
The high Alps without guides : being a narrative of adventures in Switzerland, together with chapters on the practicability of such mode of mountaineering, and suggestions for its accomplishment / by A.G. Girdlestone Girdlestone, A. G Book 1870 1
High and low politics in modern Britain / edited by Michael Bentley and John Stevenson Book 1983 1
High and low [videorecording] / director Akira Kurosawa ; screenplay Hideo Oguni, Akira Kurosawa ... [et al.] ; photography Asakazu Nakai, Takao Saito ; music Masaru Sato DVD; Video 2005 1
High art lite : British art in the 1990s / Julian Stallabrass Stallabrass, Julian Book 1999 1
High boys and low boys, or, a new tale of a tub / by a gentleman of the temple Book 1710 1
High Church prophet : Bishop Samuel Horsley (1733-1806) and the Caroline tradition in the later Georgian church / F.C. Mather Mather, F. C. (Frederick Clare), 1922- Book 1992 1
"High Church," what is it? : a sermon preached in St. Stephen's Church, Sneinton, on Sunday, June 13, 1869 / by Vernon Wollaston Hutton Hutton, Vernon Wollaston Book 1869 1
High Court of Admiralty. Index to prize papers, 1739-1748 Book 1973 1
High Court of Admiralty. Index to prize papers, 1756-1763 Book 1975 1
High Court of Admiralty. Prize papers (HCA 32/260-493) index, 1776-1786 Book 1982 1
High Court of Admiralty. Prize papers (HCA 32/494-930) index, 1793-1803 Book 1982 1
High Court of Admiralty. Prize papers (HCA 32/931-1345) index, 1803-1817 Book 1983 1
The High Court of Chivalry : a study of the civil law in England / G.D.Squibb ; with a foreword by A.R.Wagner Squibb, G. D. (George Drewry), 1906- Book 19591997 1
The High Court of Parliament and its supremacy : an historical essay on the boundaries between legislation and adjudication in England / by Charles Howard McIlwain McIlwain, Charles Howard, 1871-1968 Book 19101934 2