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Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
Miscellaneous discourses relating to the traditions and usages of the scribes and pharisees in our blessed saviour Jesus Christ's time. In two volumes ... / by W. Wotton, D.D Wotton, William, 1666-1727 Book 1718 1
Miscellaneous dissertations on marriage, celibacy, covetousness, virtue, the modern system of education, &c. / by John Dove Dove, John, -1772 Book 1769 1
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A miscellaneous essay concerning the courses pursued by Great Britain in the affairs of her colonies : with some observations on the great importance of our settlements in America, and the trade thereof McCulloh, Henry, approximately 1700-1779 Book 1755 1
Miscellaneous essays and addresses / by Henry Sidgwick Sidgwick, Henry, 1838-1900 Book 1904 1
Miscellaneous essays and addresses : with biographical note and bibliography / by Sir William Stirling-Maxwell Stirling Maxwell, William, 1818-1878 Book 1891 1
Miscellaneous essays / by Monsieur St. Euremont. Translated out of the French. With a character, by a person of honour here in England ; continued by Mr. Dryden Saint-Evremond, 1613-1703 Book 1692 1
Miscellaneous essays: comprising , among other articles, I.-A plan of general agency for the collection, propagation, and diffusion of useful knowledge. II-On the advantages of establishing an Agicultural School in Suffolk for Tenant Farmers' sons, intending emigrants, &c. III-Proposals for establishing a County Magazine / by William Raynbird Raynbird, William Book 1851 1
Miscellaneous essays relating to Indian subjects / by Brian Houghton Hodgson Hodgson, B. H. (Brian Houghton), 1800-1894 Book 1880 1
Miscellaneous essays ; Sketches and reviews ; and, Contributions to Punch / by W.M. Thackeray Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863 Book 1886 1
Miscellaneous examination papers [for the years 1817-1864] Book 1817 1
[Miscellaneous examination papers of Trinity College and Senate House for the years 1851-1854] Book 1851 1
Miscellaneous letters on several subjects in philosophy and astronomy, wrote to the learned Dr. Nicholson, ... Viz. I. An account of the great variety of plants, shell-stones, ... in the parish of Magilligan, ... VIII. An endeavour to clear astronomy of the incredible, ... / by Robert Innes, A.M Innes, Robert Book 1732 1
[Miscellaneous maps of parts of Europe] Book 1721 1
A miscellaneous metaphysical essay, or, An hypothesis concerning the formation and generation of spiritual and material beings. With their several characteristics and properties, and how far the several surrounding beings partake of either property. To which is added, some thoughts upon creation in general, upon pre-existence, the cabalistic account of the mosaic creation, the formation of Adam, and fall of mankind; and upon the nature of Noah's deluge. As also upon the dormant state of the soul, from the creation to our birth, and from our death to the resurrection. The whole considered upon the principles of reason, and from the tenor of the revelations in the Holy Scriptures / by an Impartial inquirer after truth Casway, R Book 1748 1
Miscellaneous notes : a Middle English paraphrase of John of Hoveden's 'Philomena' and the text of his 'Viola' Raby, F. J. E. (Frederic James Edward), 1888-1966 Book 1930 1
Miscellaneous notes / by F. Parkes Weber Weber, Frederick Parkes, 1863-1962 Book 1960 1
Miscellaneous notes on inscriptions : with some addenda to his Adversaria / by Professor Dobree Dobree, Peter Paul, 1782-1825 Book 1835 1
Miscellaneous observations on the tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark : with a preface, containing some general remarks on the writings of Shakespeare Book 1752 1
Miscellaneous observations on the tragedy of Macbeth : with remarks on Sir T. H.'s edition of Shakespear. To which is affix'd, Proposals for a new edition of Shakeshear [sic], with a specimen Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784 Book 1745 1
Miscellaneous observations, together with a collection of experiments on electricity. With the manner of performing them. ... With some remarks on a pamphlet, intituled, A sequel to the experiments and observations tending to illustrate the nature and properties of electricity. To which is annexed, a letter, written by the author to the Academy of Sciences at Bourdeaux, ... / by B. Rackstrow Rackstrow, Benjamin, -1772 Book 1748 1