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[Miscellanies written By Jonathan Swift, D.D. Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. Viz. I. The Art of Punning. II. The Right of Precedence. III. Advice to a Young Poet. IV. The Swearer's Bank. V. The Benefit of Farting. VI. The Wonder of Wonders. Vii. An Imitation of Horace] Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745 Book 1736 1
Miscellanies, written by Jonathan Swift, D.D. Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. Viz. I The art of punning ... VII. Letters, poems, tales, &c Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745 Book 1722 1
A miscellany, containing several tracts on various subjects / by the Bishop of Cloyne Berkeley, George, 1685-1753 Book 1752 1
Miscellany eight / by various authors ; edited by A.M. Godfrey, Professor of Legal History, University of Glasgow Book 2020 1
Miscellany essays / by Monsieur St. Euremont. Upon philosophy, history, poetry, morality, humanity, gallantry, &c. In two volums. With a character by a person of honour here in England, continued by Mr. Dryden Saint-Evremond, 1613-1703 Book 1695 1
Miscellany five / by various authors ; edited by Hector L. MacQueen ; with a preface by Lord Hope of Craighead Book 2006 1
Miscellany four / by various authors ; edited by Hector L. MacQueen ; with a preface by Lord Hope of Craighead Book 2002 1
A miscellany of British antiquities. Aubrey, John, 1626-1697 Book 1980 1
A miscellany of objects from Sir John Soane's Museum : consisting of paintings, architectural drawings and other curiosities from the collection of Sir John Soane / Peter Thornton and Helen Dorey ; photographs by Ole Woldbye Thornton, Peter, 1925-2007 Book 1992 1
A miscellany of poems by several hands / publish'd by J. Husbands, A.M. Book 1731 1
A miscellany of poems upon several occasions both moral and amorous : With odes, songs, acrosticks, epigrams and elegies; as also divine hymns / composed by T.S Steevens, Thomas Book 1689 1
A miscellany of sundry essayes, paradoxes, and problematicall discourses, letters and characters; together with politicall deductions from the history of the Earl of Essex, executed under Queen Elizabeth / by Francis Osborn Esquire Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659 Book 1659 1
Miscellany of the Abbotsford Club / [edited by J. Maidment]. Vol.1 Book 1837 1
Miscellany of the Celtic Society : the genealogy of Corca Laidhe; Poem on the battle of Dun, by Gilla-Brighde Mac Conmhidhe; Docwra's Tracts; Several poems, pedigrees and extracts / Edited by John O'Donovan Book 1849 1
The miscellany of the Irish Archæological Society. Vol.1 Book 1846 1
Miscellany of the Maitland Club : consisting of original papers and other documents illustrative of the history and literature of Scotland Book 1833 1
The miscellany of the Spalding Club Book 1841 1
The miscellany of the Wodrow Society : containing tracts and original letters, chiefly relating to the ecclesiastical affairs of Scotland during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries / selected and edited by David Laing. Vol.1 Book 1844 1
Miscellany one / by various authors ; with a preface by Lord Clyde Book 1971 1
A miscellany; or collection of poems, odes, and songs. ... Illustrated with notes historical, geographical, and political / By John Cole, of Beverley Cole, John, of Beverley Book 1791 1