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Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
The short stories of Thomas Hardy Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928 Book 1928 1
Short stories / selected and introduced by Malcolm Cowley Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940 Book 19631975 1
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The short story : a very short introduction / Andrew Kahn Kahn, Andrew Book 2021 1
A short struggle for stage or no stage : originating in a sermon preached by the Reverend Thomas Best, in St. James's Church, Sheffield Book 1818 1
Short studies of Shakespeare's plots / by Cyril Ransome Ransome, Cyril, 1851-1897 Book 1890 1
Short studies on great subjects / by James Anthony Froude Froude, James Anthony, 1818-1894 Book 18911894 2
A short summary of the principal controversies between the Church of England, and the church of Rome. Being a vindication of several Protestant doctrines, in answer to a late pamphlet intituled, Protestancy destitute of scripture-proofs Sherlock, William, 1641?-1707 Book 1687 1
A short survey of the Bible, with suitable inferences. Also, some remarks on its contents, and the importance of meditation ... Divided into two parts Book 1753 1
A short table of integrals / B.O. Peirce Peirce, B. O. (Benjamin Osgood), 1854-1914 Book 1957 1
A short testimony on the behalf of truths innocency; declared in plainesse and simplicity, being done at the command of the Lord God that all out of the truth may see their way and proceed no further : VVith a discovery of the national ministry, whose time now is, and is no more / by one who loves truth and rightousnesse and desires the nations peace, and the good of all people, who amongst many brethren is called a Quaker, but known by the name of William Smith Smith, William, -1673 Book 1660 1
A short textbook of colloid chemistry / B. Jirgensons, M.E. Straumanis Jirgensons, B. (Bruno), 1904- Book 1962 1
Short title catalogue of French Books, 1601-1700 in the library of the British Museum / by V.F. Goldsmith Goldsmith, V. F. (Valentine Fernande) Book 1973 1
Short title catalogue of Portuguese books and of Spanish-American books printed before 1601 now in the British Museum / by H. Thomas Thomas, Henry, Sir, 1878-1952 Book 1926 1
Short title catalogue of Spanish and Portuguese Books, 1601-1700 in the library of the British Museum / by V.F. Goldsmith Goldsmith, V. F. (Valentine Fernande) Book 1974 1
A short title list of the Latin editions and of the translations of Petronius / compiled by Matthew Stirling Stirling, Matthew Book 1944 1
A short tour made in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy one Northumberland, Elizabeth Seymour Percy, Duchess of, 1716-1776 Book 1775 1
A short tract, on the general nature of the Gospel; the scripture doctrine of remission of sins, by faith; the immutable nature of the moral law, or will of God; and on free will : Concluding with a persuasive against the folly of unbelief / By I. Tyson Tyson, I Book 1808 1
A short tract on the pronunciation of the Hebrew vowel letters, without points. Sharp, Granville, 1735-1813 Book 1804 1
A short treatise concerning the lawfullnesse of every mans exercising his gift as God shall call him thereunto / by John Spencer Spencer, John, Groom Book 1641 1
A short treatise concerning the propagation of the soul / written some years since by Mr. Henry Hills, formerly minister of Hinxhill in the County of Kent Hills, Henry, active 1667 Book 1667 1