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Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
Les soliloques du pauvre de Jehan-Rictus / Jeanne Landre Landre, Jeanne Book 1930 1
[Soliloquia] Book 1473 1
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Soliloquies in England and later soliloquies / by George Santayana Santayana, George, 1863-1952 Book 19221924 1
Soliloquii scritturali, raccolti in piu volte dalla profonda dottrina del reverendissimo padre maestro Filippo Gesualdo de Castrouillari ... Gesualdo, Filippo Book 1595 1
Soliloquio / Benedetto Croce ; [a cura di Riccardo Ricciardi] Croce, Benedetto, 1866-1952 Book 1953 1
The soliloquy, a poem, occasioned by a late decision Book 1768 1
Soliloquy : for solo bassoon / Richard Causton Causton, Richard, 1971- Book; Musical Score 2001 1
Soliloquy: or, advice to an author Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of, 1671-1713 Book 1710 1
Soliloquy, said to be composed by the late Mrs Mary M'Kinnon, tavern-keeper, South Bridge Street, Edinburgh, the unfortunate woman who was executed at Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 16th April, 1823, for the murder of Mr William Howat, writer, and her body given to Dr. Munro for dissection, the manuscript of which was given by her to a particular female friend, on the Tuesday evening before her execution Book 1823 1
Soliloqvii scrittvrali, raccolti in piv volte dalla profonda dottrina del reverendissimo padre maestro Filippo Gesvaldo de Castrouillari Gesualdo, Filippo Book 1595 1
Soliman and Perseda [1592/93] / [prepared by Lukas Erne ; checked by G.R. Proudfoot and H.R. Woudhuysen] Kyd, Thomas, 1558-1594 Book 2014 1
Soliman le magnifique Book 1990 1
Solis Britannici perigævm. Siue Itinerantis Caroli avspicatissima periodvs Book 1633 1
Solis et artis adulteria : in qvibvs ostenditur et sphæræ doctrinam aliter quàm hucusque, tradi necessariò debere; omnes apparentes lineas virtute refractionum attolli; et multi horoscopi, linearum implicatione & discordiâ noui, miri, necnon curiosi delineantur / a Ioanne Caramvel Lobkovvitz Caramuel Lobkowitz, Juan, 1606-1682 Book 1644 1
Solis septentrionalis perigaeum. Vel in invictissimi præpotentissimiq[ue] Caroli· D.G. re. Sueciarvm, Gothorvm, Vandalorvm, &c. Incredibiles per regna Polonorum successus. Heroicum triumphale Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693 Book 1656 1
Les solitaires en belle humeur. Entretiens recueillis des papiers de feu M. Le marquis de M*** Bordelon, Laurent, 1653-1730 Book 1741 1
Solitario de amor / Cristina Peri Rossi Peri Rossi, Cristina, 1941- Book 1999 1
The solitary self : individuality in the Ancrene Wisse / Linda Georgianna Georgianna, Linda, 1947- Book 1981 1
The solitary self : Jean-Jacques Rousseau in exile and adversity / Maurice Cranston Cranston, Maurice, 1920-1993 Book 1997 1
The solitary sphere in the age of Virgil / Aaron J. Kachuck Kachuck, Aaron J Book 2021 1