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Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
In the Age of Enlightenment. Book 2011 1
To the agricultural labourers and manufacturing operatives of Great Britain on the probable operation and effect of the repeal of the duties on agricultural produce to the manufacturing, the agricultural labourers, farmers &c, of the United Kingdom. Kennedy, L Book 1839 1
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To the chosen and betrusted knights, citizens and burgesses, assembled in the high and supream court of Parliament. Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657 Book 1646 1
To the church-wardens and constables. Book 1644 1
The coachman / [directed by Kang Dae-jin] Kang, Tae-jin, 1933-1987Yi, In-kwon DVD; Video 20202021 1
To the constant Catholicks afflicted for religion. Fitzsimon, Henry Book 1608 1
To the daughter of Babylon. Book 1673 1
To the editor of the Edinburgh Review. Whewell, William, 1794-1866 Book 1837 1
To the editor of The World. Miles, William Augustus, 1753?-1817 Book 1795 1
To the English cottager. Bernard, Thomas, Sir, 1750-1818 Book 1810 1
To the happie memory of the most renowned Prince Oliver, Lord Protector. Book 1659 1
To the high Court of Parliament. Philopatris Book 1606 1
To the Honourable Mr. D. T. great pattern of piety, charity, learning, humanity, good nature, wisdom, good breeding, affability, and one most eminently distinguished for his conjugal affection. Book 1725 1
To the Honourable the Commons of Great Britain and Ireland, in parliament assembled, the humble petition of John Finlayson. Finlayson, John, 1770-1854 Book 1832 1
To the honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland: the petition of James Taylor, of Bakewell, in the county of Derby. Taylor, James, 1788-1863 Book 1828 1
To the honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses in the Commons House of Parliament assembled, the humble remonstrance and petition, &c. Book 1643 1
The King's community : a personal view / Alan Macfarlane Macfarlane, Alan author Book 2019 1
To the King's most excellent Majesty. The loyal and dutiful address of the Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Trinity College, Cambridge. Book 1901 1
To the Kings Most Excellent Maiesty. Proctor, Thomas, active 1621 Book 1621 1
To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty. May it please Your Majesty, We, the Chancellor, Masters and scholars of the University of Cambridge, desire to approach You with our loyal and dutiful congratulations on the completion of the twenty-fifth year of Your Majesty's reign. Book 1935 1