The Anglo-Saxon chronicle : a collaborative edition. Vol. 4, MS B : a semi-diplomatic edition with introduction and indices /

edited by Simon Taylor

A semi-diplomatic edition of BL MS Cotton Tiberius A vi, probably written in 977-8, probably at Abingdon. It is the first complete and separate publication of B Version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, B being the primary witness to a 10th-century recension of the Chronicle, and an authority of greater...

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अन्य लेखक: Taylor, Simon, 1950-, Dumville, D. N., Keynes, Simon.
Uniform Title:Anglo-Saxon chronicle.
स्वरूप: पुस्तक
प्रकाशित: Cambridge : Brewer, 1983.
भौतिक वर्णन:cxi,75 p. ; 24 cm
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