The anatomy of melancholy

Robert Burton. Vol.1, Text / edited by Thomas C. Faulkner, Nicolas K. Kiessling, Rhonda L. Blair ; with an introduction by J.B. Bamborough

Burton's learned and satirical The Anatomy of Melancholy (first published in 1621) is one of the last great works of English prose to have remained unedited. This volume inaugurates an authoritative edition of the work, which is being prepared by a team of scholars from both sides of the Atlant...

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Main Author: Burton, Robert, 1577-1640.
Other Authors: Blair, Rhonda L., Faulkner, Thomas C., Kiessling, Nicolas K.
Format: Book
Published: Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1989.
Physical Description:lvvi,675 p. ; 24 cm
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Table of Contents:
  • List of Illustrations
  • Introduction
  • Textual Introduction
  • The Anatomy of Melancholy
  • The Argument of the Frontispeice
  • Frontispiece
  • Dedication
  • Democritus Junior ad Librum suum
  • The Authors Abstract of Melancholy
  • Democritus Junior to the Reader
  • Lectori male feriato
  • Heraclite fleas, misero sic convenit aevo
  • The Synopsis of the First Partition
  • The First Partition
  • Mans Excellency, Fall, Miseries, Infirmities, The causes of them
  • The Definition, Number, Division of Diseases
  • Division of the Diseases of the Head
  • Dotage, Phrensie, Madnesse, Hydrophobia, Lycanthropia; Chorus sancti Viti, Extasis
  • Melancholy in disposition, improperly so called, AEquivocations
  • Digression of Anatomy
  • Division of the Body. Humours, Spirits
  • Similar Parts
  • Dissimilar Parts
  • Of the Soule and her Faculties
  • Of the Sensible Soule
  • Of the Inward Senses
  • Of the Moving Faculty
  • Of the Rationall Soule
  • Of the Understanding
  • Of the Will
  • Definition of Melancholy, Name, Difference
  • Of the part affected. Affection. Parties affected
  • Of the Matter of Melancholy
  • Of the Species or Kindes of Melancholy
  • Causes of Melancholy. GOD a Cause
  • A Digression of the Nature of Spirits, bad Angels or Divels, and how they cause Melancholy
  • Of Witches and Magitians, how they cause Melancholy
  • Starres a Cause. Signes from Physiognomy, Metoposcopy, Chiromancy
  • Old Age a Cause
  • Parents a Cause by Propagation
  • Bad Diet a Cause. Substance. Quality of Meats
  • Quantity of Diet a Cause
  • Custome of Diet, Delight, Appetite, Necessity, how they cause or hinder
  • Retention and Evacuation a Cause, and how
  • Bad Aire a Cause of Melancholy
  • Immoderate Exercise a Cause, and how. Solitarinesse, Idlenesse
  • Sleeping and Waking Causes
  • Passions and Perturbations of the Minde, how they cause Melancholy
  • Of the Force of Imagination
  • Division of Perturbations
  • Sorrow a Cause of Melancholy
  • Feare a Cause
  • Shame and Disgrace Causes
  • Envy, Malice, Hatred, Causes
  • AEmulation, Hatred, Faction, Desire of Revenge Causes
  • Anger a Cause
  • Discontents, Cares, Miseries, &c. Causes
  • Concupiscible Appetite, as Desires, Ambition, Causes
  • [characters not reproducible]. Covetousnesse a Cause
  • Love of Gaming, &c. and Pleasures, immoderate: Causes
  • Philautia, or Selfe-love, Vaine-glory, Praise, Honour, Immoderate Applause, Pride, over-much Joy, &c. Causes
  • Love of Learning, or overmuch Study. With a Digression of the Misery of Schollers, and why the Muses are Melancholy
  • Non-necessary, remote, outward, adventitious, or accidentall Causes: as first from the Nurse
  • Education a Cause of Melancholy
  • Terrors and Affrights Causes of Melancholy
  • Scoffs, Calumnies, bitter Jests, how they cause Melancholy
  • Losse of Liberty, Servitude, Imprisonment, how they cause Melancholy
  • Poverty and Want, Causes of Melancholy
  • An Heape of other Accidents causing Melancholy. Death of Friends, Losses, &c.
  • Continent, inward, antecedent, next Causes, and how the Body workes on the Minde
  • Distemperature of particular Parts, Causes
  • Causes of Head Melancholy
  • Causes of Hypocondriacall or Windie Melancholy
  • Causes of Melancholy from the whole Body
  • Symptomes, or Signes of Melancholy in the Body
  • Symptomes or Signes in the Minde
  • Particular Symptomes from the Influence of Starres. Parts of the Body, and Humours
  • Symptomes from Education, Custome, Continuance of Time, our Condition, mixt with other Diseases, by Fits, Inclination, &c.
  • Symptomes of Head Melancholy
  • Symptomes of windy Hypocondriacall Melancholy
  • Symptomes of Melancholy abounding in the whole Body
  • Symptomes of Maides, Nunnes, and Widowes Melancholy
  • Immediate Cause of these precedent Symptomes
  • Prognosticks of Melancholy
  • Textual Notes
  • Democritus Junior to the Reader
  • The First Partition
  • Index of Persons.