[Summa theologica (Partes I-IV) (With Molitoris tabula, i.e., pt. V)].

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Main Author: Antoninus, Saint, Archbishop of Florence, 1389-1459.
Other Authors: Molitor, Johannes, active 15th century. Repertorium totius summe domini Antonini.
Associated Name: Grüninger, Johann, -1532? (Printer)
Format: Book
Published: In Argentina : Per magistrum Johannem Grüninger, M.ccccxcvi. [1496]
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Physical Description:4 pts in 3 v. [520]; [452]; [624]; [516]; [172] p. ; 31 cm (fol.)
General note:Colophons: pt 1 "... Per m[a]g[ist]r[u]m Joh[ann]em grüninger in inclita civitate Arge[n]tina Anno natiuitatis d[omi]nice. M.ccccxcvj. Pridie [ver]o nones Septe[m]brium."; pt 2 "... in nobilie vrbe Arge[n]tina per magistru[m] Johanne[m] Grüninger elaborata et denuo reuisa Anno ... Millesimo.quadringe[n]tesimo nonagesimosexto. Kalendarum vero Maij octauo."; pt 3 "... "per magist[rum] Joha[n]ne[m] Grüninger Argentinensis ... impressa ... Anno christi domini salutifero Millesimoquadringentesimononagesimosexto: pridie vero nonas Martij."
Final leaves are blank in parts 1-4.
Signatures: (Vol.1, pt 1) a-h⁸·⁶ i⁶ k⁸ l-m⁶ n⁸ o-p⁶ q⁸ r-s⁶ t⁸ v-y⁶ z⁸ 2a-2c⁶ ; (pt 2) A-D⁸·⁶ E-H⁶·⁸ I-L⁶ M⁸ N-P⁶ Q⁸ R-T⁶ V⁸ X-Y⁶ Z⁸ 2A-2D⁶ 2E⁸ 2F-2G⁶ 2H⁸ 2I-2K⁶ 2L⁸ ; (Vol. 2, pt 3) ²a-f⁶·⁸ ²g⁶ ²h-z⁶·⁸ ²2a⁶ ²2b⁸ ²2c-2d⁶ ²2e⁸ ²2f-2g⁶ ²2h⁸ ²2i-2k⁶ ²2l⁸ ²2m⁶ ²2n⁸ ²2o-2q⁶ ²2r⁸ ²2s-2y⁶ ²2z⁸ ; (Vol. 3, pt 4) ²A⁸ ³b⁸ ²C-D⁶ ²E⁸ ²F-H⁶ ²I⁸ ²K-L⁶ ²M⁸ ²N-P⁶ ²Q-T⁸·⁶ ²V⁸ ²X-Z ²2A⁶ ²2B⁸ ²2C-2E⁶ ²2F⁸ ²2G⁶ ²2H⁸ ²2I-2P⁶ ²2Q⁸ ; (Repertoriu[m] totius Summe) ³a-b⁶ ³c¹⁴ ³d-n⁶.
The "Repetorium totius Summe" by Johannes Molitoris (ISTC) is sometimes found bound before parts 1-4.
Title from ISTC.
Title from sig. a1: "Prima pars totius su[m]me maioris beati Antonini"
Citation / References note:BMC, I 109
Bod-inc, A-346
GW, 2192
Goff, A878
ISCT, ia00878000
Oates, 190(IV)
Ownership and custodial history note:
This copy formerly belonged to Silvius Elwes (1576-1638), former chaplain of Trinity College, Cambridge. Coat of arms of Silvius Elwes on covers
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